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BeSUstainable is looking for a team member

2017. november 13

Hello there! Are you interested in becoming part of a new start-up and improve our climate change situation? 

Be Sustainable is a five-member start-up company born in Climate-KiC The Journey program with the idea to generate a positive impact in our society and environment.

Our mobile platform app aims to solve several areas. On the one hand, we want to give users a powerful tool to be environmental and socially aware, and to choose, vote and share those companies that are doing good. On the other hand, we want to award companies that are already eco-friendly and give them a good channel of communication with their users, but also to help companies that want to become more environmentally friendly and give them tools to improve.

We are a highly motivated team willing to work hard and give the best out of ourselves to achieve our goals and share our passion. We firmly believe in good business doing good practices.

Finally, our main goal now is to apply for Climate-KIC pre-incubator to further develop our idea, to get knowledge and to acquire expertise. The program is based in Hungary. Therefore, we are currently looking for a representative team member in Hungary for this pre-incubator program. We are looking for someone with the following aspects:  

  • Currently living in Hungary, so it becomes easier to attend to the monthly meetings of the program in Budapest.
  • Passionate about sustainability and climate change.
  • Hard worker and committed to the idea.

IMPORTANT: We are currently not offering any salary, we are still developing the idea. Although, team members are going to get paid once the project is in a more advanced stage. 

For any further information, you can contact us at: or 

BeSustainable Team