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The future landscapes of bioeconomy: Hungary

2016. június 29

A Climate-KIC Bioeconomy platform study

This study intends to deliver an insight into the emerging field of bioeconomy with emphasis on the opportunities in Hungary by means of assessing natural endowments, key stakeholders and R&D infrastructure from the perspective of relevant Climate-KIC projects. The main European and global drivers as well as the basic technological knowledge are presented also here. This information underpins the importance of the topic and helps to understand win-win scenarios the bioeconomy can offer in Hungary. The study is based on the assumption that a knowledge-based and coordinated approach is required to catch the unfolding global bioeconomy wave. The authors believe that this study facilitates the uptake of Hungarian bioeconomy scheme on the full supply chain basis, possibly under the umbrella of Climate-KIC.


To read the whole study, please download the file below. 


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