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The Journey

The Journey

Europe’s largest climate change education experience – Climate-KIC’s summer school The Journey brings together nearly 300 students every year.

3 weeks Journey
(01 July - 22 July)

Before you embark on your journey, you will take part in a Climate-KIC online course, which includes an introduction to climate challenges, impact measurements and problem statements formulations. The course will get you thinking of how to best find areas of impactful action to battle climate challenges.

In the first week, the summer school focuses on providing information about climate change, including scientific lectures by some of the best researchers and professors in Europe. In week two, the focus will be on entrepreneurial business content, coaching, and the group work towards a business idea, which is going to be presented at the finals in week three. The final week is focused on finishing the business concepts and creating the finalising your business model canvas, pitching the business cases and receiving feedback from a jury of experts.

5 weeks Journey - only for students who study in the EU
(2 July - 5 August; 30 July - 2 September)

Before you embark on your journey, you will take part in a Climate-KIC introduction day, which includes a general information session and preparation for business ideation in order to already get you thinking about your business idea.

The five week-long course offers a unique combination of academic study and real-world business experience across Europe, with the aim of creating the climate change leaders of tomorrow.  

The participants will gain a broader perspective on how they can apply what they have learned during The Journey to their professional future and how Climate-KIC can be of added value after the summer school has finished.

What do we offer?

  • Network with and relate personally to like-minded peers at all career levels. Students are selected from multiple disciplines including design and architecture as well as climate science to encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration to mitigate the impact of climate change
  • Meet the people who matter in business, science and policy, including entrepreneurs putting ideas into practice
  • Explore climate change at first hand in its scientific, environmental, social and economic contexts
  • In the final week pitch your idea in a real-life pitch challenge judged by Europe’s leading venture capitalists, start-up entrepreneurs and scientists



The application deadline is on 18th February 2018.

For more information click HERE!

Our partner institutions in Budapest:  Central European University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics 




Kozák Balázs

Environmental Engineering, Regional and Environmental Economics, Urbanism

Attila Katona

Environmental Engineering, Regional and Environmental Economics, Urbanism

Pálfi Dániel Illés

BME Student of Architecture

Réka Mihály

BSc in Environmental engineer and MSc in spatial economics