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KIK CliMates - meetup series by KIK

KIK CliMates - #climate#innovation#sustainibility meetup series by KIK 

The aim of the event series beyond building the community is to increase the transparency and improve the clarity of the climate innovation processes as well as awareness-raising and dissemination of information.

Register to our events

CliMates is free of charge for KIK members. (If you are not yet registered in Hungary's biggest, independent climate innovator's club, you can register for free HERE)
For non members, KIK CliMates tickets are 2000 HUF.


We offer our members:

an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community;
options to share their latest research and project results, events and other relevant information;
the quickest way to learn about Climate-KIC’s new calls, programmes and initiatives;
professional feedback about their R&D ideas or projects, with project development opportunities for selected initiatives (fundraising, introduction to market or incubation programme).

If you are interested, register HERE! Membership is free of charge.

Our previous events

Check out our previous KIK events: 

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CliMates #2 World Dinner - food and sustainability

CliMates #3 Sustainable mobility

CliMates #4 Reducing Foodwaste

CliMates #5 Sustainable City Solutions

CliMates #6 Climate Footprint Offsetting

CliMates #7 Sustainable Shopping

CliMates #8 The way of water with WWF

CliMates #9 Sustainable Household with MagNet Bank



About KIK

Our Climate Innovation Community (KIK) is an independent knowledge-sharing and networking platform, founded by Climate-KIC Central Hungarian region, run by Pannon Pro Innovations (PPIS). The Community is open for all climate innovation stakeholders in Hungary, i.e. experts, organisations and individuals interested in climate change and its economic implications.