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Climate Launchpad

Let the games begin. We just kicked off the 2018 edition of our global green business ideas competition. We’re now open for applications in 42 countries. Last year’s record amount of 1,000 green ideas nicely sets the bar for this year.
Do you have a green idea that deserves business success? Apply now. We’ll help you think, act and grow big. Or do you know people with a green business idea? Please forward them this website.


What kinds of ideas are we looking for?

We scout the globe for all kinds of ideas that help fix climate change. Whether it’s a mind shift in urban mobility, a revolution in the food chain, a breakthrough in energy production or a radical rethink of waste management. Even ideas that are still on the back of a napkin are welcome to join.

How it works?

To enter the competition you submit an idea or innovation that can make environmental impact. We’ll help you fast track that idea into a business and bypass all possible pitfalls along the way. You’ll learn how to get your idea funded and launched.

Once you are selected to join ClimateLaunchpad, the Boot Camp and coaching sessions will help you develop your idea to a rock-solid plan. You will pitch this during your National Final. The top 3 winners of each national competition will go on to compete in the Grand Final.

Even if your idea is on the back of a napkin, you’re most welcome to join. Our National Juries select the best proposals to join the National Finals.

The programme

Once you’re accepted into the competition, the games begin:

Step 1: Boot Camp
ClimateLaunchpad kicks off with a 2-day Boot Camp in your own country. Our trainers will teach you all you need to know about jumpstarting your business.

Step 2: Intensive coaching and National Finals
The Boot Camp is followed by a period of intensive coaching. You’ll perfect your pitch, value proposition and business model. We’ll make sure you are ready to rock the National Final where you get to pitch in front of your National Jury. The Top-3 of each country enters the Grand Final.

Step 3: Grand Final 
The Top-10 competitors in the Grand Final will get direct access to the Climate-KIC Accelerator, the renowned business school where great ideas grow into great businesses. On top of that there is also prize money. The overall winner of the Grand Final receives € 10,000, the runner up gets € 5,000 and the idea that comes in third place wins € 2,500.

All other National Finalists who made it to the Grand Final get a chance to pitch their idea to the review board of Climate-KIC Accelerator. Impress them and gain access to their programme.



  • Application deadline: 25th May
  • Bootcamp: 15th and 16th June
  • 8 Coaching Sessions: July-August
  • National Final: September
  • International Final in Ireland: Octrober


Fixing climate change, one start-up at a time

“Climate change is solvable. Not with one cure, we need - and there will be - thousands of big and small cures. That’s why ClimateLaunchpad boosts aspiring green entrepreneurs to global success. We train them and give them international stage. Our mission? Fixing climate change, one start-up at a time.” - ClimateLaunchpad commander in chief Frans Nauta

In short: we believe the future is green. Here is how we’ll get there.