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Join the MET3R team

26. September 2018.

MET3R is working on a system that helps energy utilities balance demand and supply on the network by processing smart metering data.


  • build a data logger to record consumption in real-time;
  • capture and analyse steady-state signals spreading on the household's electric network;
  • build an analytics module driven by AI (machine learning);
  • make a dashboard for our business customers;
  • make an app and an online toolset for our end users (households and SMEs). 

Our aim is to improve the operational efficiency of utilities, reduce energy waste and improve the customer experience for energy consumers.

If you would try yourself at any of the tasks mentioned above, do not hesitate to apply.

Salary: We can offer a salary proportionate to the performance of the company.

Info and application:

Fenntarthatóbb városi rendszerek

Fenntarthatóbb városi rendszerek

Fenntartható városi rendszerek

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