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Climate-KIC start-ups on the Europen Clean Tech Forum

24. March 2015.

BIOPOLUS (WaterHub) and Szövetség39 (CALTROPe) have been selected to join the Clean Tech Forum Europe in Florence on the 27-29 April.

Now in its 11th edition, Cleantech Forum Europe will go to Italy for the first time in 2015. Italy is one of Europe’s largest and most heavily industrialized manufacturing economies. Like many European countries, it is striving to achieve a new kind of re-invention towards a different and more sustainable future. This event gives these startups a great opportunity to connect with the top end of the clean tech world in Europe. 


BIOPOLUS project WaterHub is a modular and integrated infrastructure solution that caters to the needs of urban slum communities with little access to basic services.  It enables access to bio-based infrastructure services like sanitation, waste water treatment, energy generation, food production and even social services. The focus is on enhancing efficiency and recycling by closing the urban water, food, waste and energy loops through the use of novel technologies that are integrated and bundled (combining different modules) in one system. It therefore includes agricultural production with aeroponics, water recycling for non-potable use, nutrient recovery from organic waste, community services (toilet, shower, public kitchen health service, education etc), drinking water treatment, energy recovery from wastewater and organic waste etc. WaterHubs for individual neighbourhoods can serve from 5,000 to 50,000 people and can expand in the form of a distributed network. 


The Budapest-based Szövetség'39 creative team has won the Grand Prix in the category 'Architecture and sea level rise' awarded by the International Architecture Competition organised by the Jacques Rougerie Foundation. The young Hungarian designers' project called CALTROPe answered the challenge caused by loss of territory due to the water level rise in an innovative and sustainable manner.

The aim of the project is to synthesise and balance the natural dynamics and forces of the delta regions applying an easy-to-install modular structure. CALTROPe is a lace-like structure that is able to catch and collect river sediment with the help of mangrove plants, so integrating natural and architectural elements. Working like a catalyst, it will provoke positive changes at the most critical shoreline points. With this cooperative, participatory and locally supplied work can also reorganise and socialise the local population in a constructive and self-supporting manner. More: 

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