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Innovator Catalyst coach wanted!

04. March 2015.

Climate-KIC Central Hungary together with Innovation Birmingham wishes to invite formal proposals from individuals who would like to be entered onto our preferred suppliers list for coaching roles that will add value to various Climate KIC projects. 

Introduction - Innovator Catalyst Coaches 

The role of the coaches would be to support the learning and reflective processes for participants, in effect providing the ‘catalysis’ for an in-depth understanding of issues brought up in the programme as well as the development of relationships and networks between participants. The Innovator Catalyst is an intensive learning programme lasting over several days, and the regular presence of coaches will be required throughout the duration of the programme to maintain the energy and enthusiasm levels of participants. 

Successful candidates would possess good knowledge and experience of systems innovation and transition systems. They would have experience of mentoring/coaching in a manner that identifies the potential of course participants and stimulates a learning attitude. They would also have experience of supporting the development of ideas, new proposals and business cases. They would be able to apply interactive working methods that suit the course learning objectives, and would possess good understanding of the regional context in which learning can be applied. 

The information and instructions provided in this brief are designed to ensure that all proposals are given equal and fair consideration. If you have any queries please do contact us. 


Background - Innovator Catalyst Programme

The Innovator Catalyst is an intensive programme that brings participants from across Europe to discuss the current barriers and challenges in an identified sector, to better understand the range of perspectives influencing the issues, to share ideas for addressing these, to work on plans for implementation, and to build their ideas into funded schemes (such as European Structural Investment Funds). In the first edition held last year, the focus was on reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment. 

The Innovator Catalyst is built around key context, issue and opportunity seminars. These will involve presentations from local councils on the challenges they face and the political landscape; from research institutes on the development and application of new technologies and behavioural research; and from business and environmental organsiations on current best practice and demonstration (including site visits) of implementation. 

The connections between the seminars will be built through break-outs and workshops and through coaching from experienced coaches. Participant case studies will be used to provide the learning content and ensure the programme is rooted in real-world experience and application. 

Requirements -  Objectives

What we are looking to achieve with help from the Innovator Catalyst Coaches: 

  • Share international experience and approaches with participants from other contexts, developing an understanding of different perspectives, encouraging innovative thinking, and sharing best practice. 
  • Align individual projects of participants with future EU funding calls. 
  • Develop a detailed understanding of challenges and opportunities through a series of high-quality seminars and site visits. 
  • Develop key capabilities for driving change and transitions thinking in complex and multi-actor environments. 
  • Address core issues through a supported environment of case studies. 
  • Build a professional network which will continue beyond the course and begin the process of making changes in professional practice. 

In addition all Coaches will support the existing team members with: 

  • Application processing and administration; 
  • Office infrastructure service maintenance; 
  • Event management and Delivery; 
  • Other as required. 

Tender Specifications and Personal Specification: Key Responsibilities

Innovator Catalyst Coaches will be required to work at the in June or July (dates to be confirmed) during which they will be responsible for the following: 

  • Provide practical learning support to participants during the programme. 
  • Support participants in addressing their respective case studies 
  • Monitor participants´ achievements and evaluate of their reports. 
  • Identify areas of coordination between the Innovator Catalyst programme and other activities of participants and Climate-KIC e.g. innovation projects, entrepreneurship programme. 
  • Attend relevant Climate-KIC education events (including those taking place in other RICs) that could provide guidance for the Innovator Catalyst programme (before and after the event). 

Tender Specifications and Personal Specification: Personal Specification

The successful Innovator Catalyst Coach candidate should ideally demonstrate the following: 

  • Possess good knowledge and experience of the systems innovation approach and projects and programmes based on it. 
  • Have experience of mentoring / coaching. 
  • Have an open attitude, able to identify the potential of participants and stimulate a learning attitude 
  • Be able to give clear feedback 
  • Be able to apply interactive working methods that suit the learning objectives 
  • Be able to lead interactive sessions 
  • Have experience of supporting the development of ideas, new proposals and business cases. 
  • Possess good understanding of the regional context 
  • Have knowledge and expertise about decarbonising buildings in Central and Eastern Europe regions

Service Standards 

The successful appointees will: 

  • Act as an unbiased advisor in the best interest of the entrepreneurs/ start-ups/pioneers/hosts being supported; 
  • Not bring the name, people or activities or Climate KIC, Innovation Birmingham Ltd into disrepute; 
  • Declare if you have, or develop, any conflict of interests. In the event of a potential conflict of interest being declared we reserve the right to review the services provided; 
  • Be aware of confidentiality issues and always seek permission if certain information is be release to a third party to broker further relationships. 

Following appointment, agreements will be draw up to include details of: Appointment, Terms of payment, Conflict of interest, Confidentiality, Intellectual property, Data protection and Contract Termination. 

Contract Values and Payment Arrangements

The contract for Innovator Catalyst roles shall require Coaches to be available for an 8 day programme in June or July plus pre-programme preparation, and post-programme evaluations, requiring potential commitment of up to 20* days per coach within the year. We invite you to submit fee proposals based upon these criteria. 

Payment is subject to producing a detailed timesheet record of the activity. Reasonable expenses will be paid with prior approval. If approved expenses will be reimbursed following the presentation of itemised evidence.  

This tender is for candidates to appear on Innovation Birmingham’s preferred supplier list as an EIR, Regional Coach or Innovation Catalyst Coach for 2 years initially (January 2015- December 2016) with the possibility to review at the end of this time. 

*The exact number of days will depend upon budget availability and be subject to mutual agreement between Innovation Birmingham Ltd and the successful candidates. 

Proposal requirements and Evaluation

If you would like to be considered for the Climate KIC Innovator Catalyst coach position then please send a CV, and a covering letter to Climate KIC Central Hungary (

The covering letter should make clear the following: 

1) how you meet the job and person specifications, with examples 

2) your initial thoughts on how you would make a genuine impact to the Climate KIC project. 

3) your daily rate inclusive of VAT (if VAT is to be charged) 

4) your willingness to be entered onto the preferred supplier list for two years. The advantages are that you will be considered for contract extensions and renewals without having to reapply during that period. 

The deadline for submission is 23 March 2015